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Inspired by the recipe of the greatest grandmother on Earth, the House of Waffles
has been serving many different kinds of waffles with passion since 2018.



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We serve all kinds of delicious waffles. 

A little history

A little history
In 1929 Monique Van Waefelghem was born in one of the most charming houses of Bruges. She was the last person carrying the name Van Waefelghem in the whole of Bruges.

She was well known within the family but also far beyond for her warm and charming personality. Particularly famous were the regular get togethers with the whole family where Monique was baking and serving the best and warmest waffles one can imagine.
Unfortunately Monique passed away in 2015 after a warm and rich life well spent leaving her loved ones behind with only fantastic memories.
Her closest family members, daughter Anne, son-in-law Dirk and her grandchildren Julie and Charles paid a last tribute to their so-loved “Mamie” in 2018.
The four joined forces to renovate parts of Monique’s birth place and transform it into the “House of Waffles” (Waefelghem means literally House of Waffles in old Dutch).

Central in the approach was of course to use one of “Mamie’s” tricks to make all waffles so tasteful by adding the right quantity of her favorite beer into the waffle mix.
But most importantly the family wanted to recreate the warm and welcoming feeling that every guest always experienced when entering Monique’s house.

In 2021 a second “House of Waffles” opened up in Antwerp spreading Mamie’s philosophy even further, and we still don’t know where the road will end.
Although “Mamie” passed away in 2015 together with the family name “Van Waefelghem” , her memories will continue to live on in the hearts of not only her family, but to all waffle lovers over the whole world.


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