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In the heart of Antwerp, just steps away from the city’s iconic historic cathedral, our charming establishment beckons waffle enthusiasts and curious wanderers to indulge the aroma and mouthwatering flavors of our waffle creations. With a large terrace that offers picturesque views of the iconic cathedral and a cozy interior that exudes warmth and comfort, The House of Waffles provides the perfect setting to savor our signature Belgian treats. 

Eating Delicious waffles Antwerp

At The House of Waffles, we are proud to serve Belgian waffle perfection. We offer an exquisite array of waffle varieties, showcasing the very best that Belgium has to offer. From the iconic and irresistible Liège waffles, with their caramelized sugar and chewy texture, to the delicate and airy Brussels waffles, each bite will transport you to waffle heaven. Whether your cravings lean towards sweet or savory, our skilled waffle makers meticulously craft each waffle to perfection, right before your eyes. Prepared fresh on the spot, these golden delights are served to your table with love, ensuring that every moment spent at The House of Waffles is a truly unforgettable experience.


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Handschoenmarkt 17/21, 2000 Antwerpen, België Mon-Zo 10:30-18:30

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Cherry delight

Cherries & cream


Classic Brussels Waffle with Ice Cream

Banana bonanza

Banana and chocolate

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